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Discover our design armchairs in fabric, wood or metal from major European brands: Umage, Pols potten, Vzor, Prostoria, Dôme deco

The centerpiece of the furniture, the armchair sets the tone of a decoration. Design armchair and well plyus, we offer a selection of quality armchairs with an original design. An armchair for each decoration: In the world of interior decoration, cocooning is associated with well-being, zenitude and relaxation. As its name suggests, you will feel like in a little cocoon where comfort and softness reign. Cocooning favors soft, fluffy, fluffy and warm materials. Examples include wool, silk, sheepskin, synthetic fur or velvet. For a cocooning style, the ideal is a designer armchair with a thick seat. Prefer rounded models with harmonious shapes with natural colors for a better visual rendering. If you are a fan of large armchairs, opt for an enveloping wing chair. Its originality will allow you to mark your style without overdoing it. Two options are available to you: the classic version or the oversized version. Scandinavian decoration is different from other interior decoration styles with its clean, functional and timeless design. Born in the 1950s, it is based on the use of natural materials and soft, bright and comfortable colors. Scandinavian decoration is characterized by simple furniture and objects, without artifice or frills. Indeed, this style advocates ergonomics, comfort and utility. For a Nordic interior, nothing beats the traditional Scandinavian armchair. In addition, it can be declined in several models according to your tastes: Scandinavian armchair with row, with footrest, convertible armchair or in retro model. If these don't inspire you, you can also make do with a Nordic-style armchair. Retro decoration gives a second life to furniture and accessories from the 1950s and 1960s. It takes you back to the past with these bright or pastel colors, these futuristic shapes and this teak or formica furniture. This style has its roots in the art deco years, the pop style of the 60s and the post-war style of the 50s. To adopt a retro style, the ideal is to favor authentic furniture rather than imitations. For a retro decor, you have the choice between rattan armchairs, armchairs with leather or imitation leather cushions or velvet armchairs. However, the ideal for a retro interior will remain the timeless rocking chair. There are a multitude of armchairs of different styles and colors on the market. Your range of choices is wide according to your criteria, your style and your tastes.