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entrance console, metal console, wooden console, design console, Scandinavian console or industrial console we have selected quality consoles with an original design

For your entrance or your living room, the console is more and more like an essential piece of furniture in every interior. Whether it is a designer console or a "furniture console", we have selected quality consoles with an original design. The entrance console is a key piece, essential and practical. This highly decorative furniture is a plus for the interior, whatever the style of decoration chosen. Indeed, it dresses this corner of the house that we do not really consider as a room. However, this antechamber is and therefore deserves special attention. Some use it only as a decorative object to give more charm and warmth to the interior atmosphere from the entrance hall. Others, on their side, need it to store certain things, and in particular the keys to the accommodation, the garage and the car. But that's not all, you can store books, pretty ceramic vases, reed lights or even plants. The choice and style of decoration are very wide. Something to revamp your interior without risking cluttering it, since this furniture does not take up much space. Besides the bench, the console is one of the most fashionable pieces of furniture to decorate the entrance hall. On the market, choosing a model is a real obstacle course, because there are so many. To sort, it is then necessary to refer to certain key criteria, including budget, size, design and material. The budget depends on your desires and your needs in this area. But it is important to define it from the beginning in order to have visibility on the models that are most suitable and to choose easily. As for the size, it depends on the surface of your hallway and where you want to place the console. It is quite possible to place an order with a manufacturer in order to personalize it. The objective is not to clutter this space while decorating it well. On the design side, you have to choose one that goes well with all the interior decoration. In other words, preventing the console from hitting the wrong note once installed is a must. It is a key word to give a touch of elegance and authenticity to the interior. As for the material, it must marry with the style of the residence. The acrylic glass console, for example, is transparent. It makes the design of the entrance hall clean and dazzling. The concrete one has a natural and simplistic look. Made with strong material, it can last a lifetime. Marble, for its part, embodies luxury and elegance. With powder-coated steel legs, this piece of furniture offers a touch of modernity at the entrance. Finally, the wooden console impresses with its exotic appearance.