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Lamp for the living room or lamp for the kitchen, design light fixture, ceiling light or pendant light, floor lamp for the living room, we have selected lights that will create a design and warm atmosphere

Give the final touch to your interior with our lighting fixtures. Find the ideal design light, we have selected lights that will create a design and warm atmosphere. How to choose the ideal light? Before jumping on a given model of luminaire, you must first analyze certain points. To begin with, you need to pay attention to the type of fixture. This must match the room where you want to install it. Thus, in functional rooms such as hallways or entrances, you can opt for a powerful luminaire with clear lighting. A ceiling light or recessed spotlights will do the trick. On the other hand, for the bedrooms or the living room, choose a luminaire with indirect lighting and a decorative style. A mood light is also a good idea in these rooms. When purchasing, you must also choose the luminaire according to the mood or style of the room. So, if you like a Zen atmosphere, choose models with a natural spirit. The blue or gray color will remind you of the spirit of the sea. For an eco-chic style, a wooden lamp is a good alternative. The models in colorful fabrics, meanwhile, will bring a bohemian touch to your room. If your house is loft-style, you can buy an industrial light fixture. Its geometric lines and timeless materials will give character to the room. Moreover, to have a contemporary interior, it is advisable to opt for colored lights with playful shapes. When purchasing, you should also take a look at the dimensions of the luminaire that caught your attention. Indeed, its size must correspond to that of the room that will accommodate it. Thus, the suspension lamp should not be too large compared to the dining table if you want to install it above. The same goes for a desk lamp or floor lamp. Before going to checkout, you still have to check the intensity of the bulb. This must correspond to the light and room needs. So, for a kitchen, choose a 450 lux bulb. For bedrooms, an 80 lux bulb will do. An intensity of 250 lux is also suitable for the dining room or living room. On the other hand, for the corridors, a bulb of 150 lux is sufficient. For the office, it must be more illuminated with a 500 lux bulb. Similarly, the bathroom needs 500 lux lighting.