GOOD & MOJO, the second largest brand of It's about Romi, is only shifted to a light base of sustainable products. Connected to the foundation's Waka Waka that daily help the people without electricity, GOOD & MOJO made a donation to the foundation for each sale. The collections are oriented toward nature and the natural materials such as bamboo.



    Based in Amsterdam It's about romi, exists since 2013. ROMI for "Realistic Open Minded Individuals" is, of individuals that are realistic and open-minded, draws its inspiration from the city and the ant-urban. It's about Romi offers luminaires with a minimalist design and solid with quality materials whether it's floor lamps, lamps tables, or suspensions. The luminaire to the names of cities, symbolize this opening to the world to the four corner of the globe and the openness of spirit is marked in the DNA of the brand.

    Responsible brand, It's about Romi's plant a tree for every product purchased. We see it also through its second brand, GOOD & MOJO, which is geared towards production-based sustainable products. Connected to the foundation's Waka Waka that daily help the people without electricity, GOOD & MOJO made a donation to the foundation for each sale.



    Founded in 1986, POLS POTTEN is a Dutch brand that is shaking up the lines by creating original collections where one is asked to forget normality. Each object or piece of furniture is created with a purpose, to give zest to your interior!



    Prostoria is a young Croatian company that offers several years of furniture unanimously recognized for its quality and its originality. Prostoria stimulates in permanent search of novelty in feeding a continuous exchange between all actors in the production of furniture, the designer to the artisans. This philosophy allows the talent to express themselves freely and propose new ideas regularly rewarded by the experts of the Design.



    Take me Home is a brand of Polish that designs and manufactures quality furniture in the industrial style, contemporary, and scandinavian. The designers, who work in collaboration with architects, honor the minimalism, geometric forms and use of noble materials such as natural oak or steel powder coated to combine the originality, modernity.



    UMAGE, formerly VITA COPENHANGEN is a home of the Danish edition, which offers scandinavian furniture original and of high quality. UMAGE, which means "effort" in Danish, has the philosophy of always going further in research of aesthetics, simplicity and functionality. The collections UMAGE are inspired by nature, its organic lines.

  • VZOR


    VZOR offers collections of chairs and armchairs of the Polish designers iconic of the middle of the last century. The armchairs and chairs the timeless style edited by Vzor (manufactured in Poland) are, therefore, the work of Polish designers of reputations, using quality materials and modern technologies.

  • WOUD


    Founded in 2014 by Mia and Torben Koed who wanted to use their 30 years of experience in furniture, WOUD, a Danish brand, has a strong identity. This identity revolves around the deep love of details and aesthetics which allows to create timeless and unique collections.

    Thanks to talented designers, Woud strives to create furniture and decorative objects with clean lines, inspired by modern architecture, associated with the soft colors of Scandinavian nature.

    With a desire to marry form and function, Woud is constantly developing new collections with the guiding line of offering quality products with the pure lines of Danish design.



    Created 30 years ago by Ann De Cock and Geert-Jan Van Cauwelaert, XL BOOM creates exclusive collections of quality. Each product manufactured has its own unique identity while creating a pleasant atmosphere and luxurious.