To put flowers or to dress up your interior, the vase is essential. Vase design, vase glass, vase gilded or tall vase, check out here our collection of vases from top brands european, designed by the designers and offer you a unique interior :

Check out our vases, metal design large european brand : XL Boom, Dome deco

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Regular price €65.00 -30% Price €45.50
Vases O-collection want to be well rounded to provide smooth and calming. Put in herbs, bread, or other business and let your imagination run wild....
vase design bowl metal golden dome deco
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Vases Bowl gold metal -...

Regular price €309.00 -40% Price €185.40
These three vases of different sizes, dress elegantly your interior and will stand out by their original form and their gold finish. Vases sold...
tall vase design metal black dome deco
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tall Vases in metal - DOME...

Regular price €249.00 -40% Price €149.40
These three vases of different sizes, combine a unique design, stylish and original, while bringing a modern touch, and is offset to the interior...
Vases design getan gold-anodized aluminum dome deco

Vases Getan gold-anodized...

Price €399.00
The monumental vases Getan aluminum golden heat immediately to the atmosphere and dress up the room where they are located. Available in three...
Glass Vase faceted 2 - DOME DECO

Vase glass faceted 2 - DOME...

Price €259.00
We love the play of light that occurs on this vase, glass Dome deco with its many facets and its gradient of colors.
Vase design metal aluminum dome deco

Vase design aluminum - DOME...

Price €125.00
These vases and aluminium tanned will give the shine and warmth to your interior. Available in two sizes.
Glass Vase - DOME DECO

glass Vase - DOME DECO

Price €199.00
The mixture of the colours formed by the glass which we offer designs for harmonious and fluid that we particularly like.
Vase design metal Croco pattern dome deco

Vase Croco - DOME DECO

Price €129.00
This vase aluminum design crocodile skin will bring a touch of originality and luxury to your interior.
large vase in porcelain pols potten

Vase, porcelain POLS POTTEN

Price €829.00
This great vase by Pols potten (90 cm high), hand-made and glazed porcelain tile, materials that are noble and historic, has the reasons which will...
glass vase faceted dome deco

glass Vase faceted - DOME DECO

Price €149.00
This vase Dome deco glass takes its originality of its gradient, and its facets, which accentuate the play of light on the vase.
Tall Vases aluminum - DOME DECO

Tall Vases aluminum - DOME...

Price €499.00
Give height to your plants and dress elegantly your living room with these vases aluminum Dome deco.

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