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Discover our coffee tables in wood, glass or marble from major European brands: Take me home, Umage, Pols potten, Prostoria, Dôme deco, Versmissen
Coffee tables

A key element of a successfully decorated living room or lounge, the coffee table is essential. Design coffee table in wood, glass or metal, we have selected for each style. Round or rectangular coffee table, they have been selected for their quality and originality. The criteria to check when buying a designer coffee table: There are various criteria to consider when buying a coffee table. Indeed, you must check the material, size, style and shape. The first point to look at when buying a new table is its material. In the market, you have the choice between wood, plastic and glass. The wooden coffee table is warm and timeless. She is also solid. Elegant, it can be combined with a minimalist or Nordic interior decoration. The plastic model can display several colors and shapes. It brings a touch of freshness to the living room. In addition, it is safer if you have children, because it avoids any danger with the corners. Lightweight, it can also be moved everywhere. A glass coffee table, on the other hand, gives a sense of grandeur to the living room. It goes well with all types of interior decoration. However, it can be fragile. Before settling on a given model, you should also check the size of the coffee table. Note that its height must be at the same level as the seat of the sofa. You can also choose a lower model if you want. For dimensions, it is advisable to choose a non-bulky model. Indeed, you must leave a small space to circulate around the chairs. Before finalizing your choice, don't forget to take a close look at the style and shape of the table. Here, everything depends on your tastes and the atmosphere you want to give to the living room. So, to have a classic living room, opt for a rectangular or square coffee table. For a softer interior, it is advisable to choose a round model. On the other hand, if you want to give a Scandinavian and cozy style to your living room, you can go for a coffee table with organic shapes. For a more minimalist style, a simple side table is a great idea. It will only be used to put newspapers or magazines. On the other hand, to have a practical and functional table, you can choose a model with drawers, additional trays or lockers. You can use it to store books, remote controls, cables, etc. It can also serve as a dining table if you receive guests.